Product Selling Point


Safety TPE rubber that is the same with teethers.
Rubber used in soles is as safe as babies bite or suck it as its the product which passed a non-toxic test and is used for producing teethers.

Good wearability
Good wearability is provided as shoes are formed by wrapping your feet to them, not shaping shoes to them.

Ultralight 28g
It is perfect for babies' first steps as the smallest size is manufactured based on 28g! Minimizing shoes' weights are helpful for the growth and development of babies when they leam to tottle.

Antibiosis & Deodorization
Virgin foam insoles that have the excellent deodorizing effects and are very breathable and sole rubber with vent holes and antibacterial ingredients protect children's feet from bacteria.

Multi Extra shoes Diversified use
  • 105 size
    - protects babies delicate feet and can be used as shoes for baby walkers as TPE (teething rubber) that is softer than that of other sizes is used in soles.

  • 115 size
    - Shoes for baby walkers and first steps.

  • 125-145 size
    - Indoor and outdoor shoes (Indoor playground, kids cafes, waterparks, and daycare centers).

Shoes that are easy to put on or take off like socks, Convenient wash(Machine-washable, quick drying).

Honeycombed soles with the excellent frictional force between them and the ground prevent babies from slipping. Ifs the perfect shoes for indoor playground, kids cafes, waterparks, and daycare centers!

Stylish design
Various and stylish designs that cannot be realized in the similar products by other companies.
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